Day 3

I have determined that working during a cleanse sucks!

As I said on Day 2 I had my cleanse shake at 12:30 am which is today and I decided to count it on today’s meals.  I did ok but I was hungry by 4am and decided to eat a snack. It calmed the hunger some but in no way was I satisfied.

Once I came home I was so hungry.  I always eat breakfast before I got to sleep.  I know it’s not good for me but it helps me sleep during the day.  Not eating anything during the morning was torture.  At least I could have my nighttime tea.  That helped a little bit.

Once I woke up it was whole different matter.  I should think about making my shake ahead of time because when I woke up I only had enough time to get ready before I had to pick up my son from school and take him to Brain Balance.

30 min after I woke up I was starving there was no way I could wait another hour plus I was running on fumes.  Not having caffeine on the days, I work and the day after is very hard for me. Maybe as I continue this cleanse I will be able to but today it was not happening.

I ended up in my friendly neighborhood Starbucks and ordered a Grande Vanilla Latte and a gluten-free breakfast sandwich.  I won’t lie it tasted so good probably better than it should because I was starving.

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Day Two

My first day was not a complete cleanse day since I slept half the day away. Today was just the opposite because it was an almost 24-hour day.  I got up at 7 am and didn’t go to bed until after 9 am the next day!  This happens on the days that I work.  The cleanse talks about having a 12-hour window between your meals to achieve a deep clean.  Shouldn’t be a problem if I was sleeping but when I am awake it is harder. Still, I was going to try.

Verdict: I failed miserably. 

Well at least I tried.   I had my pumpkin shake at 12:30 am that way when I woke up at 1 pm I would have an empty stomach for 12 hours but around 4 am I was starving.  I was bummed but I have to listen to my body, right?  I had an apple with almond butter and some nuts but it truly didn’t satisfy.  I wanted breakfast.  I supposed other people did too so I just sucked it up.

Overall, it wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t great but I didn’t cheat and that counts for something.

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Day One

My first day didn’t go as planned but I made the most of it.  I had planned to get up, drink my first shake, take my son to school and then go to exercise.  Instead after I dropped him off I went back to sleep.

I was exhausted from working the last three nights and not sleeping well on Monday night.  I knew I needed to catch up and catch up I did.  I slept (according to my Fitbit) for 2 hours and 49 minutes. Once I woke up I felt so much better. Tonight, I will go to bed early and continue to sleep. I am going to try and get as close as 8 hours sleep as I can when I am not working.

Overall, I feel good about how I ate.  I forgot to take my cleanse supplements at dinner. That is something I must be aware about this since I am not used to taking pills throughout the day.

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Skinny Thinking — Daily Thoughts #1

These 242 thoughts are daily reminders to help you align with your true self and cultivate a wise, pragmatic relationship with food and your body.

There’s a way of thinking about food that’s a problem, and a
way of thinking about it that isn’t a problem, and the
problematic way corresponds to feeling out of control around
food and to having a heavier body. Your relationship with food,
which is based on how you think about it, makes all the
difference. You have different relationships with your mother,
your brother, your friend, your boss, and your lover, and you
think about all of those people differently. In the same way, you
have an easy or challenging relationship with food, depending
on the way you habitually think about it.

DAY 1 — Five Minute Freedom Exercise

It’s Day 1 of your Skinny Thinking Challenge!
Here is your Five Minute Freedom Exercise for Day.
You will also find that this exercise has been provided in an attachment for you to print and work on separately.
To make the best use of these Daily Exercises, it is advised to print the attached and keep each days exercise together in a folder or notebook so you can have a record of your journey to changing your relationship with food, weight and your body.
Enjoy Day 1~

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