21 Day Cleanse Email Day 5

Day 5   Big Idea: Snack mindfully or not at all.

Hey M,

Here’s the 411 on snacking!

Are you ever bored, anxious, or nervous, and then find that the easiest way to deal with your feelings is to eat? Before the Clean Program, you may have started innocently snacking on cookies or chips and then realized twenty minutes later, as if rising from a coma, that you ate the whole bag. To make matters worse, you weren’t even hungry.

We’ve all been there, many times in fact. Rather than calling on your own personal guilt monster, give this a thought:

The repeated desire to snack is really a desire to change how we’re feeling in the moment. The more we’re not conscious of why we’re snacking, the more this habit can numb how we really feel. We understand that for some, snacking is helpful in maintaining good energy levels and mood. But before you start grabbing the Clean snacks, check in with yourself and make sure what you’re feeling is true hunger.

Sometimes finding the right amount to eat everyday takes a little personal experimentation. If you find that you are consistently hungry throughout the day, increase the amount of protein and healthy fats in your morning shake and mid-day meal. In general, you’ll cleanse better when you focus on getting more calories from your shakes and meals, rather than relying on snacking.

If you desire to snack, try these action items below.

Take Action

1. Hydrate: If you notice the sensation of hunger, drink a glass of water instead of grabbing a snack.

2. Change your state: Get up and go for a walk or take a few minutes to stretch. Call a friend. Finish a work project. Shifting your focus can offer the desired change without the need for food.

3. Boost: Your Meals & Shakes: try adding some avocado or coconut oil to your shakes or a side of lentils or non-gluten grains like millet and quinoa to your lunch meal. These additions help keep you satisfied, satiated and energized longer.

4. Snack Clean: If you are fully hydrated and still truly hungry, any Cleanse Diet-friendly food can be used as a snack.

Viva la Clean!

The Clean Team


Check out John’s video on snacking here.


Skinny Thinking Daily Thoughts — #4

The ego experiences separation from other people and creates
the fear at the root of your suffering, including your eating related
suffering. When you are identified with the ego instead
of the Wise Witness, you innocently make choices that are
contrary to your physical, psychological, and spiritual wellbeing.
You relate to food from your conditioning, and this
causes you to look for things from food that it cannot provide.
When you are aligned with the ego, you may overeat or eat the
wrong foods because your uninvestigated thoughts are mediating
between food and you. The ego tempts you with a thin sliver of
truth, the pleasurable aspect of eating, and filters out everything
else. Then, based on this slant, it creates desires and drives that
interfere with a simple and natural relationship with food. Those
desires and drives impel you to reach for food whether you’re
hungry or not, and before you know it, the pounds are piling on.

Uncovering Negative Beliefs About Eating Mostly Nutritious Foods

Negative Beliefs About Eating Mostly Nutritious Foods
You may be surprised to discover the negative beliefs you
have about making wise food choices.
1. What It Means About My Character


  1. What It Means About How this Body Processes Food


  1. What It Means to Others (family, friends, colleagues). How Do
    I Think They’re Judging Me?

  1. What It Means About How I Live My Life

  1. What It Means About My Ability to Be in Relationships

  1. What It Means About My Career

DAY 4 – How Do You Think About Food?

Here, in Day 4 you will be continuing to look at the ways you see food that don’t support your healthy relationship with it. Once you notice and become aware of these perceptions, you weaken them and create space for a new way of relating to food that allows you to stop your mental suffering and struggles with your weight.

Your 5 Minutes a Day Exercise

DAY 4 – How Do You Think About Food?

Here are the questions again from Day 2. How do you think about food? How often do you think about it? When do you think about it? Do you think more about food when you’re tired, bored, sad, lonely, or under stress?

What does food mean to you beyond nutrition and fuel? What is your relationship to it? Do you see food as your friend, your lover, your companion, your main source of pleasure and comfort?

Please continue filling out your Food Awareness Journal again today. As you go about your day, set the intention to become aware of your food thoughts and the situations that trigger them. What is happening when the idea of eating arises and you’re not physically hungry.

To permanently heal your eating issues and stop struggling with your weight you have to change your relationship to food by changing how you think about it. In order to do this, you first have to become aware of your thoughts about it and the situations that trigger those thoughts.

Food Awareness Journal (Five Minutes)


Food Thought

Eating Trigger

21 Day Cleanse Email Day 4

Day 4   Big Idea: Daily bowel movements are key to a successful cleanse.

Hey M,

We’ve got one important question for you? Are you pooping everyday?

If you don’t take out the trash at your house, it will pile up, attract pests, and quickly become a problem. During the Clean Cleanse your body is taking out its “trash” by eliminating toxins through the bowels. Having daily bowel movements will help make sure that toxins aren’t reabsorbed into your system.

With that in mind, check out the following action steps to make sure you go, go!

Take Action

The Basics

1. Stay hydrated: drink enough water so you use the bathroom once every hour.

2. Foods that get you moving: leafy green salad, cherries, figs, prunes, pears, aloe juice, warm lemon water, or green vegetable juices.

3. Move: Do some movement and exercise.

Add or Remove Products

1. Try Eliminate, a magnesium citrate supplement. This works wonders for relaxing the nervous system and increasing bowel movements.

2. Try reducing the amount of fiber in your shakes. If you are adding in any additional sources like flax or other seeds, try removing them for a day or two until things return back to normal.

Bring in the Cavalry

1. Get a colonic: colon hydrotherapy is very useful during your cleanse even if you are having regular bowel movements. Feel free to get up to one colonic a day.

2. Contact a Coach: If you haven’t had a bowel movement for a day or more, contact a Wellness Coach.

On behalf of the Clean Wellness Coaches, keep poopin’,



Drinking green juice is a great way to encourage bowel movements. Check out our “how to make green juice” video here.

Day 3

I have determined that working during a cleanse sucks!

As I said on Day 2 I had my cleanse shake at 12:30 am which is today and I decided to count it on today’s meals.  I did ok but I was hungry by 4am and decided to eat a snack. It calmed the hunger some but in no way was I satisfied.

Once I came home I was so hungry.  I always eat breakfast before I got to sleep.  I know it’s not good for me but it helps me sleep during the day.  Not eating anything during the morning was torture.  At least I could have my nighttime tea.  That helped a little bit.

Once I woke up it was whole different matter.  I should think about making my shake ahead of time because when I woke up I only had enough time to get ready before I had to pick up my son from school and take him to Brain Balance.

30 min after I woke up I was starving there was no way I could wait another hour plus I was running on fumes.  Not having caffeine on the days, I work and the day after is very hard for me. Maybe as I continue this cleanse I will be able to but today it was not happening.

I ended up in my friendly neighborhood Starbucks and ordered a Grande Vanilla Latte and a gluten-free breakfast sandwich.  I won’t lie it tasted so good probably better than it should because I was starving.

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21 Day Cleanse Email Day 3

Day 3   Big Idea: True Hunger and Emotional Hunger are two different things.

M, we’ve all felt it.

The sensation that occurs in our body that says, “You’re hungry! Eat something!”

When faced with the sensation of “hunger” during your Clean Cleanse, consider the possibility that it might not be true hunger. In our Western culture what we call hunger is often the physical manifestation of an emotion that is asking to be “numbed” or comforted.

If left alone and quietly observed, emotional hunger becomes an opportunity for immense growth. When that “hunger” sensation arises, mindfully keep your attention on it and ask yourself:

What am I really feeling?

If it’s boredom, restlessness or any other emotion, truly allow yourself to feel it. You don’t have to wallow in unhappiness or negativity, but simply recognize what the true feeling is and put a name to it.

Am I truly hungry or am I feeling anxious / nervous / sad / upset right now?

With a little effort, this exploration can help bring awareness to the difference between true hunger vs. emotional hunger and stop the cycle of bad habits that can lead to food cravings, weight gain, or poor health.

Here is a useful way to determine if what you are feeling is real hunger:

True Hunger

  • gradually arises
  • you’re open to different food options
  • doesn’t have to be filled immediately
  • you stop when you’re full
  • you feel good when finished

Emotional Hunger

  • arises suddenly
  • crave one particular food
  • must be eaten right now
  • keep eating even when full
  • you feel guilt, shame or unsatisfied

Take Action

Emotional Hunger:

Drink water or have a cup of tea instead. Hydrating yourself during your cleanse is important to keep the bowels moving and to help flush out released toxins.

Switch it up. Get up and go for a walk, call a friend or write a letter to a loved one. Finish a work project or simply stay with that feeling and let it rise up and then fall away naturally (which it will inevitably do) without having consumed any food. You may even feel the negative sensation change to a very pleasant one. The sense of empowerment that comes from this change can be amazing.

True Hunger:

Snack Mindfully. Eat in serene and distraction-free environments in a mindful way. Hummus, guacamole with veggies, raw nut butter on some apple slices, a quick soup or fresh green juice are great options.

Check in on your daily caloric intake. While we at Clean are not big fans of calorie counting, noticing how many calories you’re eating can be useful. Often, people new to a cleanse program will under-eat and this can cause cravings, anxiety, and poor sleep.

The amount of nutrient-dense food a person needs each day depends on their level of activity, but a good benchmark is eating a minimum of 1200 calories and 50-90 grams of protein each day. To reach this goal, try adding avocado, fruit, or coconut oil to your daily shakes.

Here’s to awareness,



– Here is a great article that coach Jenny wrote about cravings and their remedies, click here.

-Additional reading: Your Body Speaks Your Mind by Deb Shapiro

Day Two

My first day was not a complete cleanse day since I slept half the day away. Today was just the opposite because it was an almost 24-hour day.  I got up at 7 am and didn’t go to bed until after 9 am the next day!  This happens on the days that I work.  The cleanse talks about having a 12-hour window between your meals to achieve a deep clean.  Shouldn’t be a problem if I was sleeping but when I am awake it is harder. Still, I was going to try.

Verdict: I failed miserably. 

Well at least I tried.   I had my pumpkin shake at 12:30 am that way when I woke up at 1 pm I would have an empty stomach for 12 hours but around 4 am I was starving.  I was bummed but I have to listen to my body, right?  I had an apple with almond butter and some nuts but it truly didn’t satisfy.  I wanted breakfast.  I supposed other people did too so I just sucked it up.

Overall, it wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t great but I didn’t cheat and that counts for something.

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21 Day Cleanse Email Day 2

Day 2   Big Idea: The Twelve-Hour Window

It’s day 2, M!

Greetings from Jessi, Clean Wellness Coach.

Imagine our body as a city. Just like a city needs to budget its finances, our body needs to budget its energetic resources. Our daily energy is limited, so our bodies must constantly prioritize where it gets distributed.

Now here’s the thing. Digestion is one of the most energy consuming functions of the body. (Remember last Thanksgiving’s food coma?) So if our body is constantly tied up with digesting food during the Cleanse, it will put deeper cleansing on hold.

Our answer to this: the twelve-hour window.

The Twelve-Hour Window

After your evening shake, leave a twelve-hour window before having your morning shake. If you have your evening shake at 7pm, you should have your morning shake at 7am or later. Why?

The body sends the signal to go into deep detox mode approximately eight hours after your last meal. Then the body needs another four hours to do a deep clean. Eight hours (for digestion) + four hours (for a deep clean) = the Twelve-Hour Window.

If you fill up your belly late at night, and eat early again the next day, your body isn’t given the opportunity to clean house.

The Twelve-Hour Window is challenging to make happen every day, but committing to it will help you get the most out of your Cleanse.

Happy cleansing!


P.S. If you’d like to adjust your start date starting, you can change your date here.

Skinny Thinking Daily Thoughts — #3

These 242 thoughts are daily reminders to help you align with your true self and cultivate a wise, pragmatic relationship with food and your body.

Set the intention to develop a simple, pragmatic relationship
with food. This means learning to align with your true nature
rather than with the false self or ego. When you are in touch
with what I call the true self or the Wise Witness, you are in
touch with a mature, wise part of you at the core of your being.
When you are aligned with that, rather than with the ego or
negative thoughts that constantly chatter in your head, you feel
happy and at peace.

Moderate or Eliminate

1.  Decide which foods to moderate (make a rule about that
you can stick to).

2.  Eliminate foods you haven’t been able to moderate.

3.  Create a rule for a food that you want to moderate.

4.  Actually eliminate a food. (or two or three) Trust me. You
can do this and you’ll be amazed how easy it is and feel
compelled to thank me and send me expensive gifts


My answers in the comment section.

DAY 3 — Enjoying Food

Hello Everyone!
I hope you are having some fun with completing your Food Awareness Journals! Here is a quick video to keep you motivated today!
Just Click Here to Play the Video:
You are doing great! Now go enjoy your day!

Day One

My first day didn’t go as planned but I made the most of it.  I had planned to get up, drink my first shake, take my son to school and then go to exercise.  Instead after I dropped him off I went back to sleep.

I was exhausted from working the last three nights and not sleeping well on Monday night.  I knew I needed to catch up and catch up I did.  I slept (according to my Fitbit) for 2 hours and 49 minutes. Once I woke up I felt so much better. Tonight, I will go to bed early and continue to sleep. I am going to try and get as close as 8 hours sleep as I can when I am not working.

Overall, I feel good about how I ate.  I forgot to take my cleanse supplements at dinner. That is something I must be aware about this since I am not used to taking pills throughout the day.

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21 Day Cleanse: Email Day 1

Day 1   Big Idea: Keep an Open Mind

Welcome M!

Today’s the day.

You might be feeling nervous, excited, or a mix of both. This is normal. The most important part is that you are here. You’ve made a commitment to showing up. We’re so proud of you. So let’s get to it!

The 21-Day Clean Program is both invigorating and challenging. It encourages you to draw upon resources within yourself that you might not have known you had. As you cleanse, focus on the positive efforts you are making to improve your health and wellbeing.

Take all that new energy and excitement and funnel it into showing up everyday and following through. Don’t overthink it. The structure of the program is your friend and it will guide you. We’ve seen it work thousands of times.

Each day is a new opportunity to learn more and gain a deeper understanding of what works well for you and your body. Keep an open mind through this process and be kind to yourself during your cleanse.

So take a deep breath, smile, and give it all you got!

We’ll be there to support you every step of the way.

Take Action

Share Your Journey: Our community site, My Clean Program, it’s a great place for you to reflect about your authentic daily experiences. We’re all about honesty here, so share what works for you and what doesn’t. Allow our community to keep you accountable, inspired, and supported.

Viva la Clean!