Foods To Avoid

Foods To Avoid Grains: This includes wheat, rye, barley, oats, corn, white rice, millet, bulgur, sorghum, amaranth, buckwheat, and sprouted grains. Sugar: No maple syrup, honey, agave nectar, Splenda, Equal, Nutrasweet, xylitol, etc. You must read labels because food manufacturers will sneak sugar into products with names you may not recognize such as brown rice … Continue reading Foods To Avoid

Meal Plan

  My meals in this program are relatively simple – in writing at least. Approved Food List FTDI* Proteins (4 oz) Egg whites Chicken breast Turkey breast 1% ground Turkey Tilapia/Mahi Mahi/Cod Tuna FTDI* Carbs (2 oz) Rolled or Steel cut oats Quinoa Brown rice Yam Sweet potato FTDI* Vegetables Broccoli Asparagus Brussels sprouts Celery … Continue reading Meal Plan