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Week 1 Day 2: Lower Body Day

“Let’s get started today is Tabata Tuesday.”

Our trainer yelled out as was trying to pump us up.

I never heard of this word and I was intrigued. He went to explain that we will be doing each station for 20 seconds as hard as you can and then rest for 10.  We would be doing 6 set.

That didn’t sound so bad.  How bad could 20 seconds be?

OMG, did I found out.  Those were the longest 20 seconds of my life!!!!

I never knew how hard 20 seconds could be.

I am going to be one sore girl tomorrow.

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Week 1 Day 1: Upper Body Day

Yesterday was my first day.  I recently moved and decided to check out this new place.   I was so nervous but determined.
This Camp is smaller than the one I previously attended and when I walked in there I was greeted so warmly.   They all knew it was my first time there and I felt so bashful.

That quickly went out the door as soon as he started our “warm-up” – I put warm-up in quotations marks because I was huffing and puffing by the end of it. It was a work-out.

As the title said today was upper body day and by the end of the workout I had noodle arms.


I was tired and sore but still I left smiling — I had forgotten how good it felt to workout.


Total Calories: 1200/1400
Exercise: 50 min circuit training (calories 550)
Total Steps: 8,098 (my Fitbit died during my workout 😭)
Water intake: 56 ounces
Sleep: 7 hours 36 min