What’s that smell?

The fake fruity berry scent assaulted my nose as my kid happily splashed among the rapidly growing bubbles emerging from his bath. Mind you, this is the same bubble bath I have bought for the last couple of years and I never noticed its overwhelming scent before.
What changed?  Why was I wrinkling my nose at it now?

The only big difference in my life at that time was that I was nearing the end of my 7-day juice detox.  I couldn’t believe my detox would be the cause of my super sniffer but it was re-confirmed when I went to work the following night. All was well until I got up and went to the backroom where we store our breast milk and warm it up.  It was then that I wished I could walk right out.  The “smell” of breast milk and fortifier nearly knocked me down and forgive me for all those mothers out there that pump but I was dying… yes, it was that strong and overpowering. Incredible I never noticed before.
It was all very interesting to me and it had me fascinated as I tried out my new smelling superpower on other things.  LOL

Ok, I wouldn’t call it a superpower but it was a big change from my everyday life and mostly good things came from these changes. Like when I was preparing my meals. The smells emanating from my cooking were pure heaven and not only did they smell fantastic but they also tasted so delicious.  I was pleasantly enjoying this detox side effect.


Then as the days and weeks passed I wasn’t so diligent with my eating habits and now almost a month later I am back to where I started.  L
Only this time I have noticed that I am having a lot of GI issues that I never had before.  Heartburn, upset stomach, feeling bloated and…. Hmmm, let’s just say the rest is TMI but you can imagine. L  It hasn’t been fun and neither has the weight gain.


While I am not going to do the juice detox again I do need to make some drastic changes so I can reset my body to where it was.  I don’t like feeling the way I’ve been feeling for the past two weeks.


Question is what?  What do I do?  Do a 21-day eat clean program, Paleo, or do Whole30?
I do not know but come this Sunday changes will be made.