Uncovering Negative Beliefs About Eating Mostly Nutritious Foods

Negative Beliefs About Eating Mostly Nutritious Foods
You may be surprised to discover the negative beliefs you
have about making wise food choices.
1. What It Means About My Character


  1. What It Means About How this Body Processes Food


  1. What It Means to Others (family, friends, colleagues). How Do
    I Think They’re Judging Me?

  1. What It Means About How I Live My Life

  1. What It Means About My Ability to Be in Relationships

  1. What It Means About My Career


DAY 4 – How Do You Think About Food?

Here, in Day 4 you will be continuing to look at the ways you see food that don’t support your healthy relationship with it. Once you notice and become aware of these perceptions, you weaken them and create space for a new way of relating to food that allows you to stop your mental suffering and struggles with your weight.

Your 5 Minutes a Day Exercise

DAY 4 – How Do You Think About Food?

Here are the questions again from Day 2. How do you think about food? How often do you think about it? When do you think about it? Do you think more about food when you’re tired, bored, sad, lonely, or under stress?

What does food mean to you beyond nutrition and fuel? What is your relationship to it? Do you see food as your friend, your lover, your companion, your main source of pleasure and comfort?

Please continue filling out your Food Awareness Journal again today. As you go about your day, set the intention to become aware of your food thoughts and the situations that trigger them. What is happening when the idea of eating arises and you’re not physically hungry.

To permanently heal your eating issues and stop struggling with your weight you have to change your relationship to food by changing how you think about it. In order to do this, you first have to become aware of your thoughts about it and the situations that trigger those thoughts.

Food Awareness Journal (Five Minutes)


Food Thought

Eating Trigger

Skinny Thinking Daily Thoughts — #3

These 242 thoughts are daily reminders to help you align with your true self and cultivate a wise, pragmatic relationship with food and your body.

Set the intention to develop a simple, pragmatic relationship
with food. This means learning to align with your true nature
rather than with the false self or ego. When you are in touch
with what I call the true self or the Wise Witness, you are in
touch with a mature, wise part of you at the core of your being.
When you are aligned with that, rather than with the ego or
negative thoughts that constantly chatter in your head, you feel
happy and at peace.

Moderate or Eliminate

1.  Decide which foods to moderate (make a rule about that
you can stick to).

2.  Eliminate foods you haven’t been able to moderate.

3.  Create a rule for a food that you want to moderate.

4.  Actually eliminate a food. (or two or three) Trust me. You
can do this and you’ll be amazed how easy it is and feel
compelled to thank me and send me expensive gifts


My answers in the comment section.

DAY 3 — Enjoying Food

Hello Everyone!
I hope you are having some fun with completing your Food Awareness Journals! Here is a quick video to keep you motivated today!
Just Click Here to Play the Video:
You are doing great! Now go enjoy your day!

Skinny Thinking Daily Thoughts — #2

These 242 thoughts are daily reminders to help you align with your true self and cultivate a wise, pragmatic relationship with food and your body.

How do you relate to food? As a lover, a friend, a god, an
enemy, a source of nutrition? What is your image of yourself in
relationship to food? What are the thoughts and self-images that
mediate between you and food? When you remove all of the
thoughts and images that mediate between you and food, what’s
left? Just a simple, pragmatic relationship with food.

Food Matrix — List Your Comfort Foods

Food Matrix of Pleasure/Comfort Foods


Physically & Emotionally


Emotionally Addictive
Food made with sugar and/or chocolate such as: Salty fried foods:
Bakery goods Potato chips
Ice cream French fries
Candy Fried chicken
Chocolates Salty foods:
Soft drinks Pretzels
Milk shakes Popcorn
Starchy foods:
Salty fatty foods:
Nuts and nut butters
Hot dogs
Fatty starchy foods:

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DAY 2 – How Do You Think About Food?

Freedom is Possible isn’t it?
You have begun your journey and now you are on your way! Here, in Day 2 you will be taking your First Step: Wise Thinking
You are about to take the first step on your exciting journey toward freedom and healing. Imagine how you will feel when you arrive. Worries about food and your weight are now relics of your past. What a relief! If you put The Five Steps into practice, I promise you that feeling of freedom will be your everyday experience.

The First Step: Wise Thinking is my all time favorite because it was the piece of the puzzle that I had been missing for thirty-five years. If you truly want to heal your food and weight issues, Wise Thinking is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. If you don’t address it, chances are you’ll keep yo-yoing and never heal permanently.

To fully embrace it means creating an entirely new, healthy mental relationship with food. Fasten your seatbelt and get ready to heal!

In this chapter you’ll learn how to think differently about food and, hopefully, think very little about it, if at all, when it’s not time to eat. You’ll do this by busting through your food illusion and coming to see the truth, the whole picture about food.

Once you see the truth, there’s no going back. You’ll learn helpful strategies to stop wearing a path to the fridge, such as recognizing when the Pleasure Seeking Child is on the scene and learning to ignore her, speaking and living from your heart, connecting with a life purpose that feels engaging and fulfilling, feeding your soul rather than overfilling your stomach, and implementing kung fu for cravings and emotional eating. Without further ado, let’s begin!


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Skinny Thinking — Daily Thoughts #1

These 242 thoughts are daily reminders to help you align with your true self and cultivate a wise, pragmatic relationship with food and your body.

There’s a way of thinking about food that’s a problem, and a
way of thinking about it that isn’t a problem, and the
problematic way corresponds to feeling out of control around
food and to having a heavier body. Your relationship with food,
which is based on how you think about it, makes all the
difference. You have different relationships with your mother,
your brother, your friend, your boss, and your lover, and you
think about all of those people differently. In the same way, you
have an easy or challenging relationship with food, depending
on the way you habitually think about it.

DAY 1 — Five Minute Freedom Exercise

It’s Day 1 of your Skinny Thinking Challenge!
Here is your Five Minute Freedom Exercise for Day.
You will also find that this exercise has been provided in an attachment for you to print and work on separately.
To make the best use of these Daily Exercises, it is advised to print the attached and keep each days exercise together in a folder or notebook so you can have a record of your journey to changing your relationship with food, weight and your body.
Enjoy Day 1~

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The 91 Day Skinny Thinking Challenge

Three days ago, I was cleaning up an old Gmail account, one that I used when I was in my vegetarian phase, and I saw a series of emails from Laura Katleman-Prue.
The emails consisted of a 91 Day Skinny Thinking Challenge. I had forgotten about signing up for the challenge, over two years ago! LOL
I think it will be good and fun for me to do this and I am going to start today.

Freedom Is Possible

Yes, it is possible to be free from obsession with food and body
weight! It is possible to live without worrying about what you will
eat next, whether it will make you fat, or whether you’ll have the
willpower to eat in a way that keeps you from busting out of your jeans.
The subject of this workbook is seeing the whole truth about food
and what’s been going on in your relationship with it. No matter
how long you’ve been struggling with food, you don’t have to take
your eating, weight, and body image issues to your grave. You can
free yourself of them for good. All you have to do is follow the
Five Steps by incorporating the daily five-minute exercises into
your daily routine. How hard is it to find an extra five minutes a
day? Aren’t you worth it? You can do this!

What can you expect over the next 91 Days?

You will be receiving daily emails with your Five Minute Freedom
Exercises inside. These exercises will help you stay on track and
progress throughout the 91 Days of the Skinny Thinking Challenge.