Keto Diet?

It’s funny how you write a post about thinking about eating High protein/Low Carb diet and things just pop-up for you to read.

One of them was this post by Jacqui at WeighToMaintain on how she tried a keto diet for 14 days.

I was intrigued right away and as I read it was making sense to me.  Not only is this plan created by a doctor and tailored especially for women but also it is also whole food based!  I remember reading about the Atkins diet and it seemed everyone was eating bacon, cheese, and a bunch of processed foods.

That is not for me – thank you very much.

It is very appealing to me that I could be eating real healthy food.

I also read her review of the Happy Keto Body and after I read it I wanted to try it.

Sadly, the Happy Keto Body is no longer available, but she did put a link to two e-books that I could use to start on my journey.  I bought them and currently reading them. I think this could work for me and hopefully end the dieting rollercoaster I’ve been on for the last few years.

Thanks Jacqui!