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Breathing Exercise

Most people hold a dysfunctional breathing pattern that gives only partial inhalation of oxygen and holds onto much of the carbon dioxide in the lungs. This creates a toxic breathing exchange instead of a balanced exchange between oxygen and carbon dioxide. This creates more stress in the body and mind, a weakened energetic state, a cloudy mind and a host of other problems, including fat storage from elevated cortisol levels.

β€’ An important part of the 21-Day Detox is the Breathing Exercise explained below which should be performed 1-2 times/day from 3-5 mins each time:

β€’ Draw the inhale softly and slowly in through the nose. Visualize a feather in front of your nose, and as you breathe in, try not to disturb the feather. Draw the breath all the way down to your stomach (abdomen). Your stomach should expand OUT when you breathe IN. Next, hold the breath for a pause, and try to really feel it in your body. Then breathe out through your mouth as you use your stomach muscles to squeeze out every bit of the breath. The trick here is to do a FULL EXHALE, not a partial exhale like we usually do.

This exercise will engage your diaphragm instead of just the primary respiratory muscles: the intercostal muscles (aka the muscles that lift/expand your ribcage). It’s a much more powerful form of breathing used by singers, martial artists, Olympic athletes, and meditation practitioners. To take this exercise to the next level, visualize and FEEL yourself drinking in new life, new energy as you inhale. Make it a physical, mental AND emotional breath – not just physical. As you breathe out, visualize any tension, anxiety, or stress that you have being expelled from the body. Just let everything go!


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