Week One: Day Seven

Wow, a week has passed already? I can’t believe it!

Even though I am far from feeling like I know what I am doing I am happy.

I don’t have anything exciting to report. It was a mellow family day.  I did manage to eat more calories today and stay under 20 grams of carbs.  Wohoooo!!!

I am going to work tonight, and I am still not sure how I am going to count the calories I consume in the middle of the night.  I think I will take my lunch break after midnight and count that meal on Sunday’s totals.
This is the time I wish I had normal working hours.  😉

So, as of 6:20 pm my Total Calories were 1180 out of 1700
Fat 88 grams out of 142
Protein 55 grams out of 85
Carbs 25 grams out of 21
Fiber 9 grams
Total Net carbs are 16 grams.


Week One: Day Six

With everything that was going on this week I forgot to weigh myself on Monday so I decided to do it today (Friday) and I couldn’t believe the number I saw.

The scale read 185.5 lbs! Wow!!! That puts me down 5.5 lbs

I couldn’t believe it the first time or the second time and even the third time I weighed myself. lol.

Today, I also had my first butter coffee. I had a choice between vanilla or chocolate.  I choose the vanilla and it was quite interesting.  It will take me some time to get used to it, that’s for sure.  After an hour or so I managed to drink it all.  Mission accomplished. lol

The rest of the day didn’t go so well.  I didn’t eat anything until I got home at 6 pm.  I had the choice of eating non-keto foods or just skipping my meal.  I decided to skip lunch.  I wasn’t terribly hungry so that helped.

Note to self: Bring with me some Keto snacks and leave them in the car for such emergencies.

I had breakfast for dinner. Eggs, sausage, and avocado.  Nothing else sounded good.

My calories were pitiful – once again – but at least I stayed within my carb intake.  😉

Total Calories 838 out of 1700
Fat 74 grams out of 142
Protein 35 grams out of 85
Carbs 10 grams out of 21
Fiber 5 grams
Total Net carbs are 5 grams.

Week One: Day Five

Ugh, I am feeling like shit today.  Remember, yesterday I went to work?  I got there at 9:30 pm and I didn’t stop running all night. We were so busy.  I was worried about what I was going to eat during the night, but I never had a chance to pee. Not that I had to since I could hardly drink any water.

I was supposed to be home by 4 am but didn’t get home until almost 5 am.  I probably should have had something to eat but I was so tired. I feel asleep on the couch for an hour before my son woke me up.

I had some salami and cheese, took A to school, and then I came home and slept.

1 pm came way too early and once I woke up I was greeted with the worst headache and felt nauseous.


It was 2 pm and all I wanted to do was to lay down, but I couldn’t.  Mom duties. I made some coffee and that seemed to help a tiny bit, but I didn’t feel better until after 5 pm when I had a handful of almonds and started to drink some water.

These last two weeks I’ve been making sure I drink plenty of water and I guess my body got used to it and it went into shock when I didn’t drink anything for over 8 hours.

Lesson learned.


Today’s calories were minimal due to me mostly sleeping all morning and afternoon then going to bed early.

Total Calories 880 out of 1700
Fat 49 grams out of 142
Protein 47 grams out of 85
Carbs 69 grams out of 21
Fiber 5 grams
Total Net carbs are 64 grams.

Sigh… still over my carbs. I need to do better. At least they weren’t empty carbs.

Week One: Day Four

Yesterday was a very hard day and today was a little better in the calorie front but still off.  My appetite wasn’t that great still but better. I am so looking forward to tomorrow when I am not in pain anymore.

Speaking of pain, tonight should be interesting. My boss called me and asked me if I could go to work tonight. I wasn’t itching to go into work but when your boss calls you personally it is hard to say no.

It should be interesting to see how I do tonight at work.  I crave carbs when I am tired and come 4 am all I am thinking is of is eating pancakes and a nice comfy bed. :-/


But I have high hopes but still don’t forget to wish me luck!

Total Calories 1360 out of 1700 (as of 8 pm)
Fat 90 grams out of 142g
Protein 68 grams out of 85g
Carbs 74 grams out of 21g
Fiber 26g
Total Net carbs are 48 g.

Wow! Not sure how I netted 48 grams of carbs!!!! I am afraid to see what happens to me tomorrow.  😦

Week One: Day Three

I wasn’t that hungry today and I am pretty sure it was due to me being on my period and having cramps. Who can be hungry or even eat when they are in pain.  Regardless, I did manage to eat when my Advil kicked in and I felt hungry.

I will say that I am proud of not overindulging in carbs today.   When I am feeling like this carbs are (were?) my comfort food but not no more.

I don’t have much else to report since I pretty much laid low today.

Total Calories 1032 out of 1700
Fat 59 grams out of 142g
Protein 50 grams out of 85g
Carbs 48 grams out of 21g
Fiber 13g
Total Net carbs are 35 g.

I hope soon, I get the hang of this diet.

Week One: Day Two

I tried Leanne’s Blended Coffee consisting of three simple ingredients.

Coffee, coconut oil and 2 drops of liquid stevia.

It was quite interesting, and it will take me some time to get used to it.  Just like when I first tried almond milk on my tea and coffee. I thought I was going to die.  Ok, maybe not as dramatic as that but I definitely had to get used to it.  lol

I can tell you I felt full after I drank the coffee, but it didn’t take long before I felt hungry again. I was disappointed and to tell you the truth I was feeling like a piggy. I didn’t want to starve myself so I grabbed two hard-boiled eggs and that held me over until lunch.

Lunch was chicken salad sandwich.   I had to make the Flax Seed Focaccia ahead of time.  I thought it would take a long time, but it didn’t.  I do need practice on making it because the middle of the bread didn’t cook all the way and it was sinking.  Still tasted good enough for not being bread. Overall the meal was satisfying, and I would eat it again.

Dinner was pit-smoked chicken thighs with zucchini and a glass of red wine.  Very satisfying and fulfilling. I know I am not supposed to have alcohol but I can’t see myself giving this up so I am incorporating it and seeing how it affects my weight loss. Wish me luck!

Total Calories 1,289 out of 1700

Fat 67 grams out of 142g
Protein 66 grams out of 85g
Carbs 42 grams out of 21g
Fiber 19g
Total Net carbs are 23g. 🙂

As you can see I didn’t meet my 2:1 ratio (for every 2 grams of fat consumed, split it evenly between proteins and carbohydrates) requirements.
I am ok with this because I am still learning.

Week One: Day One

I was bummed I couldn’t start when I wanted to, but I am happy I was able to start out today.  One part of my problem was that I wasn’t prepared to make the meals.  I should have looked at the recipes ahead of time.  The other part was my work and traveling to various events.

Anyway, that is all over and I was ready to start today (Sunday).

I had a very yummy breakfast called Blackberry Parfait.  It was made with Coconut milk, nuts and blackberries and other spices.  Did I say yummy?  It was. 😀

For lunch, I was supposed to eat a Hemp Kale Salad, but I thought I wouldn’t be hungry while we went to our cub scout bridging ceremony.  Boy, was I wrong. I was hungry even though I had just eaten a few hours ago. :-/
Thankfully they did have some food I could eat but it wasn’t ideal.  I had some tri-tip and assorted raw vegetables. Once I got home I had a snack and started to prepare dinner.

Dinner was different. I made chicken curry with coconut rice. It was good, and I could tell it would be fattening due to eating 2 ounces of coconut meat.  I know it’s supposed to be good for me but it will still take time for me to get used to eating this way. 🙂

Side note:
I have pictures of my meals on Instagram (featured here on my sidebar) in case you are interested.

Overall, I think the day went well.

I ate 1,507 calories out of my allowed 1,700

Fat 103 grams out of 142g
Protein 59 grams out of 85g
Carbs 57 grams out of 21g
Fiber 22 grams
Total Net carbs are 35 grams.

It’s not perfect but it’s not bad for my very first day.


On Sunday, I told my husband that I am going to be doing this Keto Diet.  He was intrigued and asked me all about it.   After he listened to me he took a moment and then asked me.

“When are you starting?”

“Probably, this coming Thursday.  Why?”

“Oh, I just wanted to know so Alexander and I could go on long vacation.  We don’t want to be around as you adjust to this change.” He replied with a wink.


Funny guy, but he not that far off from being right.  I get moody and quiet when I get hungry. So many times, that he has learned to ask me “Have you eaten today?” when I am easily annoyed, or I get super quiet or I am simply I am not being the girl he knows I am.  Poor guy.

I have been reading many blogs here in WP and most people who are just starting out are blogging about what they call the dreaded “Keto Flu”.
I am not looking forward to having that and not looking forward to being moody because of my body adjust to eating this new way.


Alas, it must be done and Leanne did address what I could do in advance so I can diminish the symptoms.  Once I start, I will be following her recommendations to a T.

Today, some of my shipments are coming in and I feel like a little kid waiting to unwrap her Christmas presents.

Are they here yet? 

Are they here yet?

I simply can’t wait!!!
Tomorrow can’t come soon enough.


Just as I was about to I hit publish the doorbell rang and some of my packages have arrived.  happy dance
You should see the smile on my face right now.  

Week 1 Shopping List

I am officially broke.

Today I spent a good amount of the day shopping and I couldn’t believe how much some of the stuff I needed cost, but I guess since they said most of the stuff will last for 30 days it isn’t so bad. Still, I was amazed at the price tag.

I will share that the medical person in me is looking forward to monitoring her blood pressure, blood ketones and blood glucose.  It will be fun to see how my body reacts to this new diet.

In case you are interested here is my week one shopping list.

The Keto Beginning

This is the book I am currently reading, and I thought I would be done reading it by now but due to my work schedule, some family drama, and memorial weekend holiday I am not even close to being done.  My intention to start yesterday was not possible and I can’t tell you how bummed I am about that.

I had no idea that there is so much information to try to take in all at once.  It’s not as simple as “do this and do that”.  All right, perhaps it is that simple, but I need to know how and why this diet works.

Today I’ve been feverishly reading and catching up.  I figured out my Macros and I was surprised by my results that I had to do it twice just to make sure I was doing it right. Just can’t believe how much fat calories I am supposed to consume.

DCN (Daily Caloric Needs) = 2292 calories
TPG (Total Protein Grams) = 106g or 85g
TPC (Total Protein Calories) = 424 calories
TCG (Total Carbohydrate Grams) = 20g
TCC (Total Carbohydrate Calories) = 80 calories
TFG (Total Fat Grams) = 199g
TFC (Total Fat Calories) = 1788 calories

Protein Macros Percentage = 18.5%
Carb Macros Percentage = 3.5%
Fat Macro Percentage = 78%

This is something I will definitely need to wrap my head around.  I am not used to eating this way.  With that said I am a little excited to do start something new and see if this the answer I’ve been seeking for.

Tomorrow, I will go food shopping and place an Amazon order for the supplies that I can’t buy at the local stores.  With Amazon’s free two-day shipping I am hoping that I can start three days from now.

Keto Diet?

It’s funny how you write a post about thinking about eating High protein/Low Carb diet and things just pop-up for you to read.

One of them was this post by Jacqui at WeighToMaintain on how she tried a keto diet for 14 days.

I was intrigued right away and as I read it was making sense to me.  Not only is this plan created by a doctor and tailored especially for women but also it is also whole food based!  I remember reading about the Atkins diet and it seemed everyone was eating bacon, cheese, and a bunch of processed foods.

That is not for me – thank you very much.

It is very appealing to me that I could be eating real healthy food.

I also read her review of the Happy Keto Body and after I read it I wanted to try it.

Sadly, the Happy Keto Body is no longer available, but she did put a link to two e-books that I could use to start on my journey.  I bought them and currently reading them. I think this could work for me and hopefully end the dieting rollercoaster I’ve been on for the last few years.

Thanks Jacqui!

OMG — Breathe


I didn’t feel fat
Until I saw the number
Blinking back at me

Nothing has changed
Since yesterday, except
Maybe a pound, two, or five?

Deep breaths
In through the nose
Out through the mouth

You are healthy
You are beautiful
There is nothing wrong with you

A distant voice whispers
I need to believe this


Numbers don’t lie
I am fat.

What I learned about my body

Last week I went to North Carolina to see my nephew graduate from UNC. Any graduation is important but this one was even more so since he was able to graduate despite some unfortunate events happening on his last year of school. I am really proud of him.

It was so nice spending time with family.  Catching up with them, exploring, eating, and drinking. It was a great bonding experience.

We were there for 6 days and all 6 days I was essentially a vegan. I say essentially because I did have eggs and sausage for breakfast on two occasions and had some killer brisket and pulled pork when we landed at The Bywater and ate at the Sackett Street BBQ.

But other than those three events, I ate how they ate and up to that time I thought we ate pretty healthy.  Not only that but we were active hiking and doing all sorts of outside activities.  Our 6 days seemed like one big long day.

I also was mindful of what I ate because I had lost close to 10 lbs. doing The Camp Diet and exercising in their boot camp. I wasn’t about to let myself get off track.

So, imagine my surprise when I got home, and I saw that I’ve gained 8 lbs!

I was shocked!

How could that be?

Yes, I drank some but not more than what I usually drink at home, after all, I do have a 7-year-old to take care of.  🙂

I went back and wrote down my meals and yes they were healthy.  Lots of salads, with beans (for protein) and drizzled with some vegan type dressings.  I also had lots of fruits and our main meals were vegan sandwiches, vegan soyrizo tacos, vegan meatloaf etc. You get the idea.  Everything Vegan!
What I learned though is that most of my meals were high (very) in carbs and low on protein.

Could that have been the cause of my weight gain?

I remember when I did the cleanse, I did gain some weight because I was adding fruit to my vegan shakes.

The camp diet (which I was losing weight on) is the opposite.  It is high in protein and not as many carbs and fruits are out of the question.

It all is quite fascinating learning how my body works and given these latest findings I am going to make sure my meals are high protein/low carb that way I can continue to lose the weight.