When I first heard of the ketogenic diet I was interested in its concepts and their weight loss claims. Skimming the diet, it didn’t seem that hard to me and decided to try it. It all seemed that I was doing well but as the weeks passed by it was clear there was a problem.  The problem was that I wasn’t meeting my keto macros.  My macros told me I had been eating low-carb and while eating this way allowed me to lose weight it wasn’t a keto diet.

I told myself that eating this way was good enough but the reality is that if I keep eating this way I won’t ever get to experience the benefits that people say I will get when I follow a ketogenic diet.

So back to the drawing board I go 🙂 where I will fully embrace this lifestyle.


The Seed

Once upon a time
There was a girl
She found that her heart’s land was barren
Cold winds blew over it in winter
Autumn never seemed to let go
So one day she got a single seed called Hope
And planted it in her land
Heavy rains of Doubt poured down
She was afraid that the ground will move
And she will lose the seed
So she built a boundary of Conviction around it
When strong winds of Worries blew
She sheltered it with the shade of Determination
If a storm of Confusion fell in
She guarded it with the roof of Discipline
The seed began to grow in to a little plant
Then swarms of Fear came
So he sprayed it with the spray of Faith
And then one day the plant finally became a tree
And it gave the fruit called Happiness
And in that fruit there were those same seeds of Hope
With so many seeds
She spread her Hope around

One hundred eighty-two

I knew I wanted to step on the scale
But my mind was screaming “Don’t you dare”
Because that number only tells you
How much gravity is pushing you down on this earth
Not how much you’re worth

I stared at the wall
As my bare feet touched the cold
I didn’t want to see
A number that would break down
The fragile wall of my self-esteem

I prayed I would see nothing
Higher than a four
Or else my day would be done for
I looked to the spot between my feet
Pleased beyond relief

Week Two: Day Sixteen

Carb overloaded we headed back home. I was ready to come home.

This morning I did well having some coffee and a protein bar that had minimal carbs.  Not ideal since it’s not “real” food but better than stopping at Starbucks.

It was enough to get me going but I wasn’t full my body wanted more… no, not more it wanted carbs.

I ignored my feelings and headed out.

By noontime, I was starving and when we passed an IN-N-OUT I nearly passed out from the thought of eating one of their delicious hamburgers. They have the best hamburgers and I could have ordered a protein burger, but we had food in our car.  The kind of food that I needed to eat – compliant food.

If it sounds boring it is because it was salami with cheese and some veggies thrown in.  Still, I was a dutiful girl and ate everything.

I also tried some pork rinds and those were interesting.  I liked them, but they lacked flavor.

Once home we got ready to make dinner.  My dinner was delicious.  A fresh healthy salad and Salmon with pesto butter and asparagus and some wine.

Mmmm so yummy.

On a side note. I found a new app called Carb manager.  They have a website and I am going to try it and see if I like it better than My Fitness Pal.


Total Calories were 1220 out of 1500
Fat 72 grams out of 116g
Protein 79 grams out of 93g
Net Carbs 36 grams out of 20g
Fiber 2 grams



I am leaving today to Laughlin and coming back on Monday. I decided to take a pic of me on the scale to help me stay on track. I was happy that I lost even more weight since Monday. It’s a good feeling. 🙂

I will try my best to stay on plan.  I am not too worried about the food. I got that covered. It is the drinking part that will be hard to say no to. After all, it is the river and when one isn’t in the water one is drinking — a lot.

Wish me luck!

Week Two: Day Thirteen

Today was a great day.  I am not one to make a big deal of things, but I can’t help it.  I feel good both physically and emotionally.

I even managed to log in my food. YAY!
I really need to follow the plan I was given to me.  It’s the only way I will be sure to get the macros I need to consume.

Total Calories were 1404 out of 1700
Fat 79 grams out of 142
Protein 91 grams out of 85
Carbs 44 grams out of 21
Fiber 15 grams
Total Net carbs are 29 grams

Week Two: Day Twelve

The first day of summer is today and by the afternoon my son and I were off to have fun.  I had so much fun I forgot to log in my food in my Fitness Pal. I really need to do better and take the time to log in my food.

I didn’t cheat so that was good I just need to do better.

That’s all for now.  I am pretty tired.  Keeping up with a seven-year-old is hard work!  lol



Week Two: Day Eleven

Today is my son’s last day of school. It’s an emotional filled day. I can’t believe how fast second grade came and went. In a few months he will be starting third grade and turn nine. Where has time flew

My husband took the day off since Alexander got out at 12:20 pm.

It was a day of fun that ended with us eating some sushi and watching The Incredibles 2.
Eating sushi minus the rice can get expensive but I loved eating Tuna and Yellow Tail Sashimi. Yum.
I had some others proteins as well. I can tell you I didn’t miss the rice — too much.

In all the commotion I didn’t log my food. I can feel myself slacking a bit and that is not good. I hope it’s just because I am deviating from the norm. We shall see.

Overall, I felt that it was a good day.

Summer Soltice

Let’s have fun
under the sun
forget for a while
have a good run

While summer comes
once in a year
before you know it disappears
its over
So take a break
take an ice-cold Keto lemonade
to cool your thoughts
to cool your mind

Let’s have the summer of our lives
when you dive
you feel alive
when we’re young we realize
That you’re never too old
to have fun under the sun

Week Two: Day Ten

This day was a blur. Once again I was busy at work that I couldn’t eat my lunch. I never realized how much I snacked at work because more often than not I never have a chance to take a proper lunch and eat like regular work folk.
I snacked on some nuts and had a cup of coffee but I need to brink more keto-approved snacks that will fill me up.
I might reconsider this whole no dairy thing. I am not allergic to dairy I just don’t like drinking milk. Also, my son needs to be dairy-free and to eat cheese in front of him is just cruel since he loooooves cheese.

I’ll see what I can come up with.

After work I rushed to see my son perform for his second grade talent show. That boy is not shy and he had no problem signing and playing Horse Sense in front of everyone. He’s just awesome but as his mommy I might be a bit biased. 😉

I got home after 10 am and went to sleep until my alarm sounded at 1 pm.
I was not ready to get up but I had to and it wasn’t a surprise I felt nauseous and just yucky.

I didn’t want to eat anything. Nothing sounded good. Just so you know this is not new to me. Working the night shift and then not getting enough sleep always makes me not want to eat until hours later. This is what I did and once my husband came home. We had leftover steaks with zucchini squash and some wine. Then before I knew it was time for bed.

Good night all.

Week Two: Day Nine

My son is sick today. I had planned on going back to the gym today. I decided to take a week off because I was afraid that I might get the Keto Flu or be very tired but so far I haven’t. I think it’s because I haven’t been consistent in reaching my goal of 20 net carbs. I am over my carb intake more often than not.

Strive For Progress Not Perfection (isn’t that what they say?)

Where was I? Oh yes, he was sick and couldn’t start. I will try to figure out when I can go since school will end in two days and I can’t take him to The Camp because they don’t have babysitting services.
I know during summer I will take my son hiking and other outdoor activities but I need more and the CrossFit-type workouts The Camp offers is just what I need.

But not today… today was a day to take care of my son.

I had some coffee for breakfast and then a few hours later on had some yummy smoked salmon with cream cheese.
For lunch I had chicken leg and thigh with a side salad with olive oil dressing. Boring but it did the job.
Dinner was delicious. Usually when I had this dinner I felt guilty because it came with a huge dollop of pesto butter. I mostly took it off but not this time. This time I left it all behind and it turned out delicious. So moist and buttery. Yummy.

Tonight I am off to work again and I think I will do the same at I did before. Not eat until after midnight. Seemed to work last time.
It was good that I increased my calories but still failing on the carbs department.  I wonder how much carbs I took in before I started to pay attention to it. I will say a lot.

Still with that said I still managing to lose weight.  Today, I stepped on the scale and it said I am 184.0 lbs!!!


Total Calories were 1207 out of 1700
Fat 48 grams out of 142
Protein 71 grams out of 85
Carbs 55 grams out of 21
Fiber 7 grams
Total Net carbs are 48 grams

Week Two: Day Eight

Happy Father’s Day.

We so were so busy at work I didn’t have to worry about eating before midnight.

I did manage to drink some coffee and have a handful of nuts, not ideal but the best I could do since there was hardly any time to take a breath.


I came home exhausted and didn’t want to eat any breakfast. I just wanted to sleep.

And sleep I did until 2 pm.
2 pm came quickly and while I would have loved to stay asleep I had to get up and join the festivities.

I made some coffee and joined in. I wasn’t hungry at first and by the time I was hungry, it was close to dinner so I decided to wait.

I should have been starving by the time it was time to eat but something happened that upset me and I wasn’t hungry.  I know I had to eat

Total Calories were 883 out of 1700
Fat 42 grams out of 142
Protein 39 grams out of 85
Carbs 59 grams out of 21
Fiber 6 grams
Total Net carbs are 53 grams (Yikes! All due to the two coffees I had at 2 am and 5 pm. I usually just have one but I was working.).